Accidental Warranty Coverage

Consumer Priority Service accidental warranty coverage
The accidental option for our contract provides our card members with complete Peace of Mind. By adding the accidental option to one of our service plans, you are enabling us to cover unintentional damages to your product as a result of: impact or dropping, liquid damage or unintentional physical damage. Dropped coffee on your keyboard? You’re Protected, Your cell phone fell out of your hand and your LCD screen cracked? You’re Protected. Your Ipod fell as you were running and now it can no longer play music? You’re Protected. Your digital camera dropped and now can not zoom in or out? You may be considered quite clumsy, but You’re Protected. You get the idea! This option goes above and beyond a manufacturer’s warranty which would not provide coverage on such damages as listed above.

Consumer Priority Service accidental warranty phone

Although accidental coverage covers most damages it does not cover intentional damages of any kind or losses due to theft. When adding accidental coverage to your contract, your service plan will begin immediately upon the date of purchase and extend up to five full years. Adding accidental coverage guarantees that your product will perform as intended for the life of your coverage.