LG G4 has Quad HD display and leather back, LG confirms

LG just can’t wait to tell you about its upcoming flagship phone. Scheduled for arrival on April 28, the LG G4 has seen plenty of official details spill out over the last few weeks.

On Thursday, LG added another, formally confirming that the G4 will feature a “vegetable-tanned leather cover.” A post on LG’s Facebook page shows a picture of the already-familiar phone with this premium backing.

As it turns out, the new picture matches up exactly to the leather we’ve seen on the invitations sent out for the device launch. Thanks to another recent leak, we should also expect the G4 to have additional leather color options.

On the screen end, LG’s YouTube channel posted a video confirming the phone’s Quad HD display (video below). Originally touted as its “next flagship” phone, the 5.5-inch screen promises to be brighter and offer a wider color range than the screen found in its predecessor.

With less than two weeks to go before the G4’s official debut, there’s very little left to learn about the device. Don’t be surprised, however, if LG reveals even more in the runup.

Author: Cnet