Like Mobile Games? Check These Out

Games can be challenging and that is enticing to most. They can sharpen a person’s problem-solving skills and they can be a great way to relax. The right game can provoke laughter, and even connect with friends across the map. For most gamers, a game is a way to burn off some excess steam when angry or to vent some frustrations. Throw out the 888 poker type games and see what apps are available. There is a large selection of gaming apps available on the Apple iPad, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Going through the massive list of games can be a chore, but here are some great gaming apps that should not be avoided, including puzzle games and group games as well.

Amazing Alex

For those who liked the famous Angry Birds, their creators Rovio created their next chapter with Amazing Alex. The goal of Amazing Alex is to allow a person to rearrange toys and their household items and they ultimately create a machine called the Rube Goldberg. The game’s goal is for the user to gather the stars, three to be exact, that are located at various challenges. The cost is just under a dollar and it is sure to bring many hours of fun.

Candy Crush Saga

mobile games
Candy Crush has quickly become one of the hotter mobile games for iPhone and Android.

One of the most addicting games around has got to be Candy Crush Saga. This free app doesn’t cost to download, but to advance to other levels may require some cash. Crush the candy pieces by matching three in a row. The levels get increasingly more difficult and the thrill is making it from one level to another. Play with friends and connect with social medial for a spectacular experience.

Color Zen

Those who love puzzles will gladly pay .99 cents for Color Zen. Some call these puzzles trance-inducing, but this casual problem solving games is a challenge. It is for those who can stay focused for long periods, as it requires the ultimate in concentration. The first 12 levels seem to be a breeze, but they turn up the intensity with each level past 12. However, no matter difficult, this game is never frustrating.


For gamers who like little story with their game, this is the app to download. This adventure is a bit mysterious and a little bit shadowy but always lots of fun. The goal of this game is to defeat supernatural enemies and monsters to unfold the mystery. For those who want to take a break from the Candy Crush style games, this is the game to download.

Doodle Jump

Remember the old game Space Invaders? Doodle Jump is a spin-off of that old family favorite game. The goal is to control “Doodle the Doodler” as he jumps through the atmosphere. He jumps from level to level and platform to platform. The goal is to get him to land on the platform and not to fall through the cracks. The user must tilt their phone and move it all around to ensure that the little man lands safely. It is a family friendly family that is easy and fun all at the same time.

Of course there are too many games to roundup in a single post. Check out more mobile games through iTunes or Android Play marketplace. For those poker fanatics, be sure to check out 888 poker on PokerNews for some more fun.