Microsoft is Working on a Smartwatch

Apple’s reportedly working on one, Google’s developing an entire ecosystem and hundreds of smaller companies either have products already on the market, or currently under development. The question isn’t who’s building a smartwatch, it’s who isn’t building one. And as expected, you can count Microsoft out of that latter camp. The software giant turned computer manufacturer is working on its own wearable concoction (not pictured above), according to a Forbes report, with Kinect engineers even pitching in with the project.

The unannounced device will reportedly collect health data day and night, such as your heart rate, and will work with Android, iOS and Windows Phones alike. It’s also said to sport a design similar to Samsung’s Gear Fit, a color touchscreen facing a wearer’s wrist and a two-day battery. Opening the device up to multiple platforms would be a key selling point, and continuous monitoring could make the Microsoft wearable a fit for casual users and fitness buffs alike.


Author: Zach Honig
Source: Engadget