What We Hope to See from the New Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle definitely blazed the trail for what seems to be a never-ending procession of e-readers and tablets. In fact, some say Kindle is King – others, however , do not – and this is part due to some disappointments that came about regarding the Kindle Fire. If you are amongst the disenchanted when it comes to the Kindle Fire, you might be pleased to know that Amazon hears your grievance, and is diligently responding. Developments for an updated version of the device are taking place right now – and the release is expected to take place shortly.
While Amazon probably will not fix every single glitch, here’s a rundown of the current enhancement that will most likely be included in the update:
1. Better compatibility with e-books – currently the Fire does not support many enhanced e-books.
2. Volume buttons – so users no longer have to go through an extensive swiping session to raise the volume, like they do now.
3. Better security – As-of-yet, Fire users cannot create multiple accounts with the Fire, and there is no secure lock screen – the current simple carousel history on the front page allows anyone to view user-activity with a view taps
4. Support for a wider range of downloadable media – right now, the Fire can only run content purchased through Amazon.
5. Faster web browsing and email, and a full screen mode – all of which are lacking with the Fire now.
6. Enhanced responsiveness to touch – some users now complain that the Fire does not react with every single tap, which can be pretty annoying.
With these improvements, the Kindle Fire should definitely become more popular in the way of some the of the least expensive tablets on the market today.

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