New Macbook Pro a Success?


So, how’s the new Macbook pro faring so far in the market? Well, most reviews have been glowing talking about it’s groundbreaking display specs, it’s light body and design and it’s powerful processing power. Of course with anything else in Apple’s line, it comes at a nice big fat price tag…but as they say you get what you pay for.

Here’s a brief overlook as quoted by Electric Pig –

“I’ve been testing it out for the last week and – quelle surprise – it’s amazing. The thing is, it’s so good it’s making the internet itself look bad. Text is crisp and beautiful. How so? You see, Apple’s screen is jaw dropping. 2880×1800 pixels over a 15.4-inch panel is a lorra lorra pixels. And much as I don’t like to bandy around phrases like Retina Display (Sony’s “Reality Display” is just as offensive to my sensibilities), it’s still worthy of the crowing Apple executives carried out last week on stage.

I spent a few days working on the new MacBook Pro, then tried to go back to my 2009 15.6-inch MacBook Pro. It’s hard. It looks grainy. It offends me now. Which is ridiculous, but there you are.

Using Apple’s first party apps rejigged for the Retina Display is a wonderful experience. Writing on it in a full screen app is glorious, like typing onto a sheet of paper in a typewriter, only with the option to press delete.

Basically, almost anything that doesn’t involve images looks amazing. But that’s a big problem for browsing”….More at The new MacBook Pro is so good that it’s ruined the internet