NEW (National Extended Warranty) Alternative

From choosing an extended warranty program to filing a claim to repairing or replacing a damaged product, the service experience you will find as a customer of Consumer Priority Service is absolutely flawless.

Our mission here is simple: to provide you with the easiest, fastest, most affordable method for securing a warranty for your every electronic and home appliance from your most expensive game console to your no-so-costly toaster. We offer a wide range of programs that vary in coverage and length of time, so that you can feel safe knowing your warranty has been customized specifically for your needs and budget.

What’s more, unlike the service provided with manufacturers’ warranties, our warranties go hand-in-hand with exceptional customer support 24/7. If your BlackBerry breaks down and you needed to send that report to your boss yesterday, what good is it to have to wait in line to file a claim? At CPS, we understand that nowadays, entire businesses – and many personal lives – rely on digital devices in order to run. We have little time to waste in the event of a mishap. Whether you drop your iPhone in the toilet, dent your tablet’s screen or are the victim of an internal failure on one of your gadgets, CPS won’t stop working until your product is repaired or replaced.

We offer Extended, In-home Extended, Date of Purchase, Accidental Damage, and OEM Parts and Labor Warranties. Not to mention – your warranty can be purchased and monitored online, as well as any claim you may file.

A NEW (National Extended Warranty) alternative, Consumer Priority Service also maintains an impressive website with daily blogging about all of the goings-on in the ever-evolving world of technology. Get the skinny on your product’s next upgrade, take a look into what the future holds for other products, polish up on tips and tricks for using your most complicated devices, or just browse around at interesting happenings on the virtual horizon. Whatever you do, you can sit back and relax, knowing you and your electronics are in the right hands at CPS.