New Screen Technology to Hit a Slew of Products

HTC and Sharp have coupled to create a brand new line of devices boasting next-generation revolutionary screens.

Some New Products Sporting the Innovative Screen Technology

  • The J Butterfly phone is a new gadget by HTC which features a 5-inch display with a whopping 440 pixels per inch, meaning a 25-40% higher resolution, making it even better than similar devices by industry-leaders like Samsung and Apple.
  • The Aquos Pad tablet, brought to you by Sharp, is a pioneering product, the first to don the new Igzo technology* (see below for what this means) which vows to deliver quite possibly the crispest images we have ever seen – while using less power than usual.
  • HTC’s HD Phablet is an Android-based gadget that is prepared for sale in Japan by the end of this year. Because of its size, the device is being referred to as a half-nelson of sorts being somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet (hence the name “phablet”. The Phablet promises more closely-packed pixels that normal, meaning users will be unable to detect the distinguishing blocks of hues that typically go into a particular image. Other specs on the Phablet include 440ppi, representing a performance buster when it comes to comparable products like Samsung’s Galaxy Note; Apple’s iPhone 5, Nokia’s Lumia 920 (not yet launched) and LG’s Optimus G. HTC’s tabby will also boast a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

Why the Products Will be Longer Lasting

The key ingredient in prolonging the life of these new devices is a new kind of LCD technology known as *Igzo, or indium gallium zinc oxide) screens. In layman’s terms: essentially light can pass through these screens faster, making for a crisper image. Furthermore, the technology allows for the devices they grace to require fewer LED for backlighting resulting in outstanding energy efficiency. Take the Aquos Pad SHT 21 tablet, for instance: Sharp vows this tech toy will last up to 2.5 times longer than its predecessors, will be more touch-sensitive making it easier to use a stylus on, and will be offered in a variety of sizes including one with a 7-inch screen, one with a 10-inch screen, and one with a 32-inch screen.

The Competition?

With an influx of new products hitting the market over the next few weeks, including Windows 8 tablets, Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s iPad Mini, there is no doubt that display superiority is going to play a big part in consumer persuasion when it comes to purchase. Especially considering that so many people use their devices to stream video these days, top-notch resolution is an absolute must-have.