Oppo Reveals the Selfie-Obsessed N3 with Rotating Cam in Official Picture

Oppo first broke with tradition when it introduced the Oppo N1, a smartphone with a high-resolution, rotating camera for taking better selfies. Now it seems that the Chinese smartphone maker is gearing up to introduce an even more wild-looking device with a evolution of the N1’s rotating camera.

After teasing the release of its new selfie-focused smartphone, Oppo finally announced that it will launch the N3 on October 29 in Singapore. Oppo first teased the N3 in a Google+ post a month ago, but we still don’t know many details about the phone. Information is limited to the hints Oppo has posted on social media and a few leaked press renders. The company is well known for issuing several teaser updates on social media prior to launch, so it pays to keep an eye on Oppo’s Google+ and Facebook accounts.

Oppo officially revealed the design of the N3 in a post on its various social media accounts. Based on the picture,  the N3 will have a metal frame and perhaps a plastic back with a small faux leather insert near the camera.

It looks as though the camera will sport a dual LED flash. The resolution of the rotating camera is still unknown, but it is likely to be very high-resolution, seeing as it’s one of the phone’s main features. The device is said to be made of an “aerospace-grade” material. According to recent reports, it seems there will be two versions of the Oppo N3: one made of stainless-steel and one with a case made from an aluminium-lithium alloy.

The design looks markedly different from an earlier image that was leaked to GSM Arena in September showing what was then believed to be the N3.  The images appeared to be press shots that showed the rotating camera module prominently.

The Oppo N1 hid the rotating camera by incorporating the module into the top of the device — it didn’t stick out at all. At first glance, you almost didn’t even notice it. Not so with the device pictured below. The phone itself appears thin and the rotating camera rests in a cylindrical bulge at the top of the device. The design is similar to that of the Lenovo Yoga tablets with built-in kickstands. Now it seems that this image is of another device entirely, if it’s real at all.


Author: Malarie Gokey
Source: DigitalTrends