Personal Transport Extended Warranty Protection Plan

hoverboard extended warranty
We did it. Sure it doesn’t look just how we imagined it, but we have solidified our place as the future. Humanity has made hoverboards. And you, being you, have decided to purchase one, because why wouldn’t you? But you’re nervous about what happens if it breaks. Luckily CPS has you covered.

We’ve got the perfect hoverboard protection plan for you.

hoverboard protection plan
Our hoverboard extended warranty covers your hoverboard for 1 to 2 years. Our coverage includes hardware failure as well as accidental damage. So if you forgot to bring your hoverboard inside on a misty morning, you’re covered. And if you dropped your hoverboard while trying to catch your train, you better believe you’re covered.

Our hoverboard contract starts the day you purchase your hoverboard, with coverage starting on day 31 when most store’s return policy ends. In order to qualify for coverage, your contract must be purchased at the same time as the hoverboard.

This contract does not cover drops over 6 feet, intentional damage, full water submersion, or lost or stolen boards. When you file a claim, you will need to pay a small deductible for repairs.

So, future person, ask your dealer if they offer a CPS hoverboard extended warranty. If they do, go ahead and purchase one, and board confidently into your future, knowing your hoverboard is ready for anything life throws your way.