PRESS RELEASE: CPS and United Stores Inc. Forge Dynamic New Partnership


United Stores Inc. and Consumer Priority Service (CPS) Launch Revolutionary Partnership


Date: June 27, 2024


In an exciting development set to transform the retail landscape, Consumer Priority Service (CPS) has partnered with United Stores Inc., empowering their member stores with the ability to offer groundbreaking CPS warranty coverage to their customers. This alliance marks a significant milestone in our shared commitment to delivering exceptional value and service.


Why This Partnership?

United Stores member stores can now enhance customer offerings with CPS’s renowned warranty programs. CPS provides unparalleled protection for major appliances from the industry-exclusive True Extended and 50% Back coverage lines to Custom Warranty Package Coverage. Their offerings also include 10-year Major Component Coverage and Scratch & Dent Coverage, ensuring that every appliance, whether new or refurbished, receives comprehensive care.


Dealers will find peace of mind knowing that CPS’s Major Appliance Extended Warranty is supported by over 50,000 authorized technicians across the United States, ensuring trusted and reliable service. The straightforward, no-hidden-fees approach to coverage guarantees that customers are fully protected from the moment they purchase their warranty until the end of the term. CPS’s warranty plans cover a wide range of products, from stoves and refrigerators to smaller kitchen appliances like microwaves and ice machines, providing unrivaled coverage options that cater to diverse needs.


About United Stores Inc.:

Since its inception in 1952 by nine independent TV and appliance retailers, United Stores Inc. has grown into a formidable CO-OP buying group. Their 1998 alliance with Nationwide Marketing Group expanded their reach and resources, now supporting 115 members with a 75,000-square-foot distribution space. United Stores is dedicated to making independent retailers stronger and more competitive against big box stores.


Mission and Vision:

United Stores is driven by the mission to empower independent retailers, making them more resilient and competitive. Their vision is to be the partner of choice, earning recognition and respect from vendors through their commitment to excellence.


A Word from United Stores:

Alex Flores, Executive Director of United Stores Inc., shares his enthusiasm for this landmark collaboration:

“We are thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with CPS Extended Warranties! This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our members, combining our strengths to deliver enhanced services and opportunities. Together, we look forward to achieving greater success and providing exceptional value to our members.”


About Consumer Priority Service (CPS):

Consumer Priority Service is a leader in service plans, providing extended warranties for a wide range of consumer electronics, computers, appliances, power tools, and more. With an A.M. Best rating of “A-” (Excellent) and a commitment to hassle-free online control, CPS ensures customers receive the ultimate service plan experience. From date of purchase to OEM parts and labor service plans, CPS offers unmatched protection for both new and refurbished products. CPS is the best choice for retailers, e-commerce platforms, and manufacturers seeking a reliable warranty partner.


Insight from CPS:

Nelson Muniz, CPS Executive Sales Manager, expresses his excitement about the new partnership:

“Partnering with United Stores Inc. represents a fantastic opportunity for CPS to extend our innovative warranty solutions to a wider audience. We are committed to providing top-notch support and value to United Stores’ members, helping them achieve their business goals while enhancing customer satisfaction. This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of excellence and growth.”


The Road Ahead:

This strategic alliance between CPS and United Stores Inc. promises unprecedented benefits to independent retailers. United Stores’ members will now have access to CPS’s comprehensive extended warranty programs, providing their customers peace of mind and superior service. By joining forces, we are forging a future where independent retailers can thrive with confidence and a competitive edge.


To sign up for this exciting partnership, visit CPS Dealer Signup.


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Consumer Priority Service (CPS)


United Stores Inc.


Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey together, paving the way for unmatched growth, service, and success.