Protect Your Pro AV

They said you couldn’t make a living chasing your dream, doing what you love, but here you are. There’s nothing like that feeling when the music and lights pulse in unison and your success shows on the grinning faces of your camera crew from behind their cameras. You appreciate each day you load the speakers, mics, amps, lights and other gear into the van. Yes, gigs make you giddy. Life is good. And you’re on this page to keep it that way.

Failed equipment can translate into revenue lost and a stain on your good name. You worked too hard to let fails and delays sully your great reputation. If something breaks, you want it fixed fast. Fast like a quick beat, a splice of film, a flash of a bright stage light. With a CPS Pro AV warranty, that’s the service you’ll be guaranteed. And so, let’s get you some – Action!

What’s Covered?

The CPS Pro AV Protection Plan protects your Watches purchase for two
years as a service protection plan. Products covered:

Commercial speakers

Commercial audio mixers/amplifiers

PA systems

Recording & studio gear

Additional Benefits

Worldwide coverage

Warranty is fully transferable if the item is sold or given as a gift