Retail Store Owners Now Can Get Extra Revenue After A Customer Walks Out The Door


In today’s competitive retail market, every dollar counts, and retail store owners need to do everything they can to increase revenue. One of the most effective ways to do this is by offering your customers’ product warranties after they walk out the door with their major appliances, tools or other purchases. Partnering with Consumer Priority Service (CPS) allows you to provide these warranties without spending extra time or money, and even offers you an additional revenue stream if you choose to let your customers purchase CYA Home Warranty service after they walk out the door! Here’s how it works…

How do you make more money after a customer leaves?

Partner with CPS, our team will call your customers and offer them product warranties and home warranties via our brand CYA. If your customer agrees to a service contract you receive a recurring monthly commission for any products sold by CPS. Without having to negotiate or spend more time on busy days. If you don’t want to wait around all day after a customer walks out of your store, we can help!

Selling extended warranties

Retail store owners that sell major appliances can get extra revenue when a customer walks out the door without spending any time or money. Partner with CPS, our team will call your customers and offer them product warranties and home warranties via our brand CYA. It’s simple: just fill out an application to see if your customers qualify for our program then sit back as we do all of the hard work. With extended warranties, it’s a win-win for everyone involved! And best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything to learn more about what could be a big part of your future revenues!

Upgrading coverage

If your customer walks out of your store with a big-ticket purchase, give them something to ensure they don’t regret that decision. Even though many consumers buy major appliances with cash, some may still want to protect their purchase and can be sold warranties while they wait for their products to be delivered. Consumer Priority Service (CPS) offers a variety of products including home warranties and service plans that can provide extra revenue for retail store owners.

CPS is looking for strong retail partners like you who are always looking for ways to get more revenue from in-store customers. We will call your customers at no cost to you, offer product warranty bundles, home warranty upgrades, as well as repair services all over our great country. CPS has many offerings that include but are not limited to retail repair programs, sales of extended service plans, extension on warranty plan coverage, contract extensions, high-risk package program, utility insurance, appliance insurance, etc. Contract extensions means making sure we sell longer warranty periods than what was previously sold. That gives us an extra touchpoint with our clients once they come back into your store.

Why don’t more stores do this?

For a variety of reasons, many retail store owners fail to capitalize on opportunities outside their four walls. Often, they don’t have products or services they can sell after a customer makes a purchase. Other times, it’s because they can’t reach customers at home when they’re feeling adventurous and are happy to spend some money on something new. Regardless of why retail stores don’t offer this post-purchase service, one thing is clear: They’re missing out on revenue because of it. For example, if you run a consumer electronics or appliances shop, you may be letting money slip through your fingers each day as customers leave without reaching out post-sale with additional warranty options.

I’m interested in partnering. How do we start?

Contact us for more information on how you can join our network of business owners and make more money. We have some exciting opportunities to offer you. When people think about buying major appliances they naturally believe that these items are meant to last a long time, but CPS wants customers to understand that warranty protection is available in order to bridge them over when a purchase is made.

And remember, there is no cost to you! Simply send us your customer’s contact information, and CPS will do the rest. When customers get in touch with our sales representatives they are offered a product warranty from CPS as well as a home warranty. This gives them added peace of mind after their purchase because they know that we have their back if anything goes wrong. Since we have many successful partnerships like yours, it has become clear that businesses who join our network are better off for it. Imagine what your business could gain from partnering with Consumer Priority Service today!