Samsung Raises the Bar for Smartphones with the Galaxy S4

AS the world of mobile technology is well aware, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a stylish, fully-featured smartphone. The best in technology is densely packed into the slim device, and displayed on the 5″ AMOLED screen. Reviewers are panting over the specifications of the smartphone while the mobile elite are lining up to purchase a model, eager to show off the innovative implementation of smart gestures.

Beyond the powerful processor and high-end features, we’ll be exploring the tips, tricks and hidden extras to be found. It may take a little time to get to these, since there’s a wealth of operational essentials for users to investigate first, but, once done playing with the camera and viewing the zippy framerate of games, you can try out these tricks that make the Galaxy S4 even more fun and functional.

TV Remote Control Feature

This pretty smartphone does away with the need for a television remote control. An integrated IR transmitter pairs with the WatchOn App to transform the gadget into a universal remote control. You’ll need to access the configuration panel in the App, and set the smartphone to operate the correct model of TV.

Motion Control

s4 galaxy
The S4 packs a load of motion gestures.

An array of smart motion sensors in the Galaxy S4 make it a breeze to set up the unit to react to air gestures. Imagine making a certain hand motion with a few fingers to activate a certain function. A turn of the head or moving your face up close can activate a screen of relevant data, such as time, date and local weather. This is a phone that reacts to the subtlest movement.

Control By Eye Movement

A step beyond air gestures, eye control allows a user to control screen activity with the eyes. Look up from video playback and the smartphone instantly recognizes the users attention has shifted, switching the video playback to pause. Your smartphone neighbor will be astonished by the convenient, hands-free feature.

Keyboard Versatility

The responsive keyboard is already smart enough to complete words and adjust for different grips, but a hidden setting increases usability. Press the microphone for a few seconds to reveal extra settings. Adjust everything from predictive text to the size of the virtual keys. The intuitively laid out keyboard gradually adjusts to learn your typing style.

Streamlined Battery Life

With a two finger pull down of the notifications panel you can quickly access and change power saving settings. Turn on the power saving mode and modify haptic feedback, screen display and CPU functions to reclaim lost power and extend battery life while on the road.

Voice Control Photo Taking

Adjust voice control from the settings panel and suddenly gain the ability to take self-portraits remotely with a command word. Mount the phone on a convenient stand and take rock-steady pictures with by saying a simple word.

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