Samsung Reveals New Eye-Tracking Mouse for the Disabled

Samsung has just unveiled the EyeCan+, a next-gen version of its eye-tracking mouse. Positioned below a monitor, it helps people with disabilities write and edit documents or surf the web using eye movement and blinking. Created as a a labor of love by Samsung engineers on their own time, the new version has major improvements over the original 2012 model, largely thanks to quadriplegic grad student Hyung-Jin Shin. Through 17 months of extensive use, he helped the team refine the UI to make it as easy to use as possible. Though it won’t take the EyeCan+ to market, Samsung will build a limited number for charity organizations. As before, it will also create open-source documents for the design and software, letting any individual or company commercialize it.


Author: Steve Dent
Source: Engadget