Samsung’s Curved Monitor: Total immersion while you work

We know Samsung loves curved screens; now we know how much. The company is launching a 34-inch curved monitor at CES 2015 with a screen so wide you’ll feel fully immersed whenever you’re in front of it.

The Samsung SE790C Curved Monitor has a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio, which makes it almost as wide as two old-school 4:3 monitors side by side. The curve is relatively tight at 3000R (meaning the radius of the curve is 3,000mm), but for a monitor — which will typically be just a couple of feet from your face — that makes perfect sense, especially for such a large screen.

The display is WQHD+ resolution, or 3,440 x 1,440, which is excellent but short of 4K/5K. The monitor is equipped with Game Boost technology, which Samsung says optimizes the picture to make gameplay more lifelike. Contrast ratio is rated as 3,000:1.

We got a chance to check out Samsung’s curved beauty in person, and it definitely catches the eye. The wide screen gives you tons of real estate — it really feels like you have two monitors when you’re looking at it. Colors looked excellent on a few still photos that Samsung cued up as well as on a few media websites. Adjusting the height via the stand was easy.

The 34-inch model will arrive in stores this month for $1,199.99.