Samsung’s New Curved OLED TV

It’s amazing how fast technology is growing and everyday we are learning about something new that is coming out. The small electronics are one thing that we know almost every individual has but another thing that we know almost every single house hold has is a television set.

No matter if the television set that people has is the old time box TVs or the current HD flat screen TVs. We went from TV being only viewed in black and white to color. The picture is getting better and better on the screen now and has become a big deal in today’s world.

15k for a TV?

The great thing about Samsung is that they just came out with a new television. One so amazing that it actually cost $15,000 just to get one. It might just be easier to find a Samsung remote to buy for the TV then coming up with that amount of money. This isn’t going to be a TV that were going to see in every day homes but it’s definitely cool to know that it is available.

Curves in the Right Places

The thing about this TV is that it is the first television that is not only a flat screen, but it actually curves. The curve is what is so unreal! It has been designed this way to not only give it a better picture but because it works well with the way our eyes view things.

Since we have peripheral vision the TV is designed so that when we look at it the picture is not distorted in any way and is much more clearer.

The Dislikes

Samsung curved TV
Samsung curved TV. Destined to trend or flop?

The only thing that is not liked about the TV is that it has to be viewed at a certain distance instead of what most are used too. They say that it is best to be view 6 to 10 feet away from the screen. Right now homes watch their TV’s at a much closer distance. It is also stated that it’s only best if 2 individuals watch it from a close distance and 4 individuals from a farther distance in order to see the better picture quality that it has.

So it’s not made for a bunch of people to watch it at the same time. This could be a down fall especially for those that have big families or like to throw big parties to watch certain shows or movies.

Be sure to check out Samsung’s new 55′ curved OLED TV that is priced at the amazing $15,000 mark to see what all the hype is about. Pre-orders were actually being taken back in May from Korea for those individuals that wanted one. These televisions were shipped to Korea last month and were priced at $13,000 in that area.

Samsung again is the first company that has made the curved television possible in the United States and can be purchased at Value Electronics which is located in Scarsdale, NY.

This incredible TV is the new, best thing and it’s going to be exciting to actually get to see it in person.