Service Net Alternative

Consumer Priority Service is an ideal Service net Alternative, for so many reasons. Not only do we deliver affordable, dependable, long-lasting coverage, but fostering a relationship with our customers is so important to us, that we have vowed to deliver exceptional, round-the-clock support that simply can’t be beat.

In fact, Consumer Priority Service is quickly securing pole position in the land of warranty providers as America’s premier source of underwritten aftermarket warranties focused on safeguarding your electronics and appliances – as well as their accessories.
Our coverage is 100% comprehensive, unlike manufacturer guarantee programs. We offer:

  • Extended Warranties
  • In-Home Extended Warranties
  • Date of Purchase Replacement Warranties
  • OEM Parts & Labor Warranties
  • Premium Replacement Warranties
  • International Warranty Coverage

And the wide range of products we cover is impressive, too. Baby products, cameras, desktops, tablets, cell phones, kitchen appliances, exercise equipment, PDAs, power tools…the list is pretty much never ending. (And on that note, don’t forget to cover your products’ accessories, too!)
Furthermore, the path to protection is a smooth trail. You can handle your warranty almost completely via the internet from choosing your warranty to monitoring it, from filing claims to scheduling repair – there is minimal footwork involved in the process, because you can leave it all up to CPS.

Unlike manufacturer warranty programs, we vow to repair or replace your products long after its date of purchase (most manufacturer companies offer coverage for only about a year). What’s more, CPS coverage is all-inclusive, so no matter what happens (scratches, bumps, drops, dents, water damage, mechanical failures and more) you can rest assured your gadget will be repaired or replaced in the quickest fashion possible.

CPS even goes a step forward by maintaining a comprehensive website chock-full of important news regarding not only the products you own, but new products on the horizon, trending tech issues around the world, recall alerts, online manuals for getting the most out of today’s most popular devices and much more. So, even after securing your CPS warranty, stay in touch with us!