Smart Apps to Help Smokers Quit

Smoking is not only a very unhealthy habit, but it is also very easy to get into. Thousands of underage minors smoke cigarettes for the first time each and every day. Of those, many of them will remain smokers into their adult life. These days, there are many resources and tools to help smokers quit. With the advent of smart mobile phones, Apps have becoming a popular tool to assist smokers in their quest to quit.

Quit Smoking Apps

Apps are great for helping smokers quit, but it will take a lot of dedication and willpower to see any results. These Apps come with advice to help smokers along the way. They are just one of the reasons why more and more people are deciding to stop smoking, and being successful at it. The following apps are chosen, because they are the most popular and the best rated.


myquit coach
Apps like MyQuit Coach are helpful friends in the quest to kick the habit.

The first app is from the LIVESTRONG foundation. It is called the MyQuit Coach. It treats the act of quitting smoking like it is an exercise routine. Users will get unique programs to help them quit. More so, the personalized advice will adapt to the user’s lifestyle. The data it incorporates into its analyzation include how much the user smokes, and whether or not the user wants to stop immediately or over the course of time.

Quit It Lite

The next example is called Quit It Lite. This app is unique, because it doesn’t give advice. Instead, it helps accumulate relevant data to help users remain motivated to resisting cigarettes. For example, it will keep track of how many cigarettes were avoided, the money that was saved, and the tar that wasn’t consumed as a result. Similarly, the Quit Smoking app keeps track of the number of days it’s been since the user last smoked.

My Last Cigarette

The My Last Cigarette app distributes health information to the user. For example, users will get relevant data about their improved health and lifespan expectancy. In addition, it can figure out the levels of nicotine that may be in the user’s system. Above all else, users will see how many smokers have died since the user stopped smoking.

Cessation Nation offers all the resources the preceding examples have, but it adds a community forum where fellow users can get together to share their own stories and advice. On the topic of social networks, tweetsmoking distributes the users information on Twitter. The user’s health improvements will be broadcast on the social networking platform.

Other Options

electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarettes are a viable alternative to quitting smoking.

Apps have become an innovative way to help smokers quit, but their success depends solely on the individual smoker. For that reason, there needs to be better resources to have access to.

The best electronic cigarette is a great example of a new technology that elicits results. If all the other ways to quit do not work, then an electronic cigarette is the way to go.