Students: Save Big on Books at these Sites

The new school year is just around the corner. And for many university-goers this translates into the upcoming obligation to shell out loads of your – or your parents – cash for school supplies including a trendy new book bag, maybe a scientific calculator, but most importantly, those astronomically-priced yet required textbooks. But fear not: there’s a slew of sites out there where you can get your biggest bang for your buck, before considering withdrawing from you courses before even signing up for them.

Here’s a site that makes it ultra easy for the incoming freshmen and seniors alike. Bookfinder has is all laid out for you in a neat little page, where you can search for your texts by title, author or ISBN. You can even filter your search to mine out the new, used or out-of-print titles to find the very book bargains. Unlike some other textbook sites, this one provides not only book prices, but shipping charges, too – so there’s no need for extraneous footwork…just bookwork.

Caveat starving students: you’ll only want to visit this site if you’re in the market for selling your texts, not buying them. However, if you’ve got a slew of texts that you set aside for marketing after your summer adventures, the search function on this page is really, really user-friendly. So if you’re dazed and confused after a summer long spree spent surfing the Costa Rican shoreline and are now broke as a joke, fear not. has actually collaborated with about 20 other sites to bring you the very best buck for your book.

For those of you who need it laid out on a silver platter for you, here’s the app for you. This app fragments your search into understandable categories that include “brand new”, “like new”, “good”, and “acceptable”- and the best part is, there is no real big difference in the price when it comes to each category, so you’re good to go. This site also offers a rental service for a semester’s length as well as the option to sell back your books after you’ve aced the course!


Alright, aspiring doctors and marine biologists and artists alike, what do you wish for most when it comes to procuring your textbooks this semester? My guess is great prices, superior customer service, the option to rent – – and free shipping. Well, your wishes have been granted with CapmusBookRentals. The site offers a 30-day trial period on all texts, which is not only beneficial should you deem your text unworthy, but it allows you enough time to slack off for a bit until you can get your butt to the post office to return the texts. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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