Consumer Priority Service Reviews Tablet Operating Systems

The first tablet PC releases ran exclusively on Windows as the sole operating system, with some power users opting to run Linux and in some cases other little-known platforms. With several other OS models hitting the market, the tablet OS competition has stiffened to new levels.


Apple was among the initial competitors poised to overthrow the monopoly that Microsoft held over the consumer PC arena. With a slew of Mac-based machines hitting the market, it wasn’t long before Apple hit the tablet space with the super-snazzy iPads. The year 2010 marked a sudden tension in the consumer market for tablets, with the release of the iOS virtually revolutionizing the user experience tablets offered. Now into the release of the more advanced feature-rich iPad 2 version, Apple still rules the roost with the intuitive design that iOS brings. Ardent Mac lovers find the seamless integration that the Apple experience offers undeniably appealing, making the switch to an iPad not just practical but prudent too.


Not much later, the Andoid OS hit the market, and is without a doubt the most robust and intuitive interface to give iOS a run for its money. Initially released on the Galaxy Tab and rapidly advancing into more enhanced versions such as Honeycomb, the Android market space is wide and much more flexible given the array of players involved in its upgradation. Android offers some of the most sturdy platforms to suit the needs of high-end users who rely on their tabs for business. From the range of apps in the Android Market to the enhanced Google experience, Android fills many a gap that Windows never could.

Windows 7

Although the first tablet operating system, Windows 7 continues to rank low as the preferred OS platform. Primarily built for tablets, it must be said that Windows 7 is certainly a reliable tablet OS with a user-friendly touch interface that allows direct handwritten input text and multi-lingual support. Yet, the Windows tabs seem sluggish in comparison to the brilliant user interface that iOS and Android promise. Add to it the bonus app offers from Apple and Android developers which make external software support affordable, and you enough competition to push Windows far down the line.

Judging by market statistics and sale forecasts the consumer preference is clearly divided between iOS and Android tabs. Given time though, Microsoft may still bounce back and stop ignoring the tablet space as the techno-rich arena it is.

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