Television’s and Monitor’s Extended Warranty Protection Plan

TV extended warranty protection plan
So you’re looking for a television extended warranty? You like watching TV, but today’s TVs seem like a bit of a risk. You pay a ton for a new TV knowing any day it could break. Lucky for you, CPS offers extended warranties to keep that TV in working order. Our standard plan is for consumer use only and does not cover commercial use. The plan covers internal hardware failure, so if something internal shorts, we’ll get it fixed pronto. This plan has 1-5 years-worth of coverage available for your TV. When deciding how much coverage you’d like, speak to your TV dealer to find out what’s available for your TV. For new products with a manufacturer’s warranty, our contract and coverage begin after the first year of your manufacturer’s warranty is over. For refurbished products with a short 30-90 day warranty, the contracts start the day you purchase your TV, with coverage starting as soon as your short warranty is over.

Protect Your TV or Monitor Today

Worried about shipping your huge flat screen to a repair center? No worries! For TVs that cost over $500 and are over 40 inches, we’ll send an authorized repair person straight to your location to complete repairs. Our TV plans do not cover damage of any kind, damage incurred during removal or reinstallation, or burn in. But what if you’re looking for a TV for your business? Maybe you’re looking to keep your clients engaged while they wait for their appointment, or maybe you’re a sports bar looking for another TV to show actual sport. Our commercial plan may just be for you. Our commercial plan contract starts on the day you purchase your TV, with coverage starting as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty is over. The plan covers hardware failure, so should any internal mechanisms fail, we’ll get the TV back to working order quickly. As with our standard plan, for TVs that are over $500 and 40 inches, we’ll dispatch an authorized repair person to your place of business. We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about lugging a huge TV down to the post office. Also as with our standard plan, our TV plan does not cover damage of any kind, including any received during removal or reinstallation, or the effect of burn-in on your TV.

So, what are you waiting for? Oh, you’re waiting for your show to end? Okay, well, after that, check with your TV dealer to see if they offer CPS extended warranties, purchase one, relax and binge your favorite show, knowing your TV is covered.