The Best Apps for Job Seekers

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between those folks who are landing jobs and those others who seem to be in perpetual interview prison? Wherein one interview after another never seemsto end in an offer? You might say well at least they are getting interviews!

But the fact still remains that they are not getting the offer. And interviewing is expensive and a full time job. While several factors may contribute to this – like poor job fit, lack experience and or skills there are other factors out there – namely timing.

How many times have you been told by a recruiter that you just got in there too late or you applied for the perfect dream job and wondered why you were never contacted? Well sometimes its just that – you applied too late. One of the best and easiestnot to mention savviest ways to hedge this, is with the right app for your smartphone. The US unemployment rate as of July 2012 is 8.3%.

So this means regardless of how long you have been out of work – you need to get an edge because frankly there are a lot of desperate people out there out of work who will get up earlier and say anything to land that job – maybe your dream job.

So what’s out there?

There are several apps out that have been created to save time and to fine tune your experience so that you get closer to your goal – getting hired! Here are a list of the best apps to help you land the next step in your career:

Job Compass

Job Compass uses iPhone’s locator allowing you the ability to search for a job within a radius. Read the job description, call the hiring manager, send yourself an email with a link to the job description, and apply for the job right from your iPhone.

Job Finder

Job Finder aggregates jobs from multiple job sites. All you have to do is specify the locations that you’re interested in and your other preferences. This app uses RSS to gather information and aggregate it from job sources.


Linkup jobs are current, usually unadvertised, and never spam. Their search engine which is updated daily, focuses on jobs that are found on company and employer websites.


The JobServe iPhone Application allows users to search jobs on the go with a large number of filters including length of time the job has been posted, your location, keywords, salary, industry, andtype of job.


TwitterJobSearch allows you to look for and apply for jobs with a single tap. Job seekers can attach a resume, to job offers that have been posted to Twitter with one click. Hidden Jobs App 
This app tracks unadvertised company job announcements from newspapers, online media and press release sources. Currently tracking over 300,000 new jobs across the U.S. Updated daily and lets you browse by state.

Job Frenzy

Job Frenzy is powered by the job search engine Users can search for jobs by email and location then save the jobs and email them to themselves or a friend. Now Hiring 
The Now Hiring application allows users to search US and international job sites.

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