The Perfect Home Security System

There is no doubt about the fact that the security and proper care of the most valuable items in our homes is one of the greatest assets to possess. Having a security system that ensures the homeowner with the greatest advancements of technology and intelligence plays a great role in putting an entire family in comfort and ease.

The Business and Necessity of Security Systems

Although home and business security systems have become a great networking system of business, it proves to be a very valuable commodity. According to FBI statistics, approximately 2 million homes in the United States are burglarized each year. Homes that are not equipped with security systems are 300 times more likely to get hit with the effects of burglary. Even after these revealing statistics, only about 17% of homes in the United States are equipped with security systems.

Unfortunately, even with the implementations of the latest advancements of technology in home security systems, thieves are getting much smarter and acquiring more knowledge on how to surpass the obstacles in getting away with stolen products. Thieves are learning how to properly disable the security systems without leaving a trace of any evidence of work being done to the alarms.

Due to these terrifying circumstances, a prospective buyer of a home security system should seek to find and trust a company that consistently works to make the latest needs in upgrades for their systems. The flexibility of a company’s timely innovative developments will be the greatest value in their systems of work. It is important to be armed and secured with technology that is one step ahead of the thieves’ knowledge and capabilities.

Crash and Smash Protection

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Crash and Smash protection is vital for homeowners

The “Crash and Smash Protection” function enables the homeowner with a security system that has a backup plan. One major practicing strategy among many burglars is smashing and damaging the alarm system before they enter the home. In many instances, damaging the alarm system prior to entering will completely deter any system of surveillance from picking up their presence. Therefore, they are free to roam around the premises of the home to gather any and every valuable they see in their sight without having to worry about getting trapped in by the homeowners or law enforcement.

The “Crash and Smash Protection” feature is an added feature into the alarm system that alerts the surveillance company that the system has been tampered with. This is a great function as it doesn’t notify the burglar that they are being detected despite their efforts of disarming the alarm. As they are inside the home, bagging up all of the valuables, the surveillance monitoring station is being notified and made aware of what is happening.

Remote Security

With the wide use of smartphones, PDAs, and wireless technology, remote security enables the homeowner to receive alerts to their wireless device at their command or in set times throughout the day. This sense of complete awareness gives the homeowner a complete peace of mind.