The Telikin Touch: Ideal for Seniors and the Not-So-Tech Savvy

If you’re sick of your grandmother calling you up everyday to help her troubleshoot her way to the latest online cookie recipes, consider purchasing her a Telikin Touch – it’s been touted as the world’s “easiest computer”, and was in fact designed with the elderly in mind.

The Telikin features a super-simple OS which is designed to perform just a handful of functions – perfect for the not-so-tech-savvy seniors. It features an 18-inch MSI all-inclusive and a dual-core Atom, as well as a 320GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM and Wi-Fi.

Surprisingly, the performance of this ultra-basic machine is not too shabby – not, as you would guess, “slow as molasses”. But, of course, if your grandma is a pedal-to-the-metal type of gal, this may not be the PC for her. Its selling point really is its ease of use and older folk-friendliness.

The Telikin Touch is accompanied by a USB keyboard boasting very large letters and the OS itself (a variant of Linux) sports big buttons, for easier toggling through email, games and internet surfing. In fact, the buttons are substantial enough that the screen’s touch-friendly, too.

So what can Gramps do on the friendly Telikin? Well, the machine supports Skype, Facebook, POP- and IMAP-email based systems – and a few other simple features…just enough stuff for Gramps to fiddle with after a tiring day of shuffle board tournaments.

The Telikin also comes with free 60-day “VIP” support where callers have first dibs at troubleshooting help without the need to wait in a queue – and thereafter, users can still access free support, however without the special treatment of being pushed to the head of the line. Issues should be minimal with this machine, however, considering it’s really just a bare-bones device, and maintenance should be equally as painless.

But, accidents do happen, however, and mechanical failures are always possible, therefore it’s recommended to purchase a warranty along with the Telikin. You can find a number of dependable warranties at CPS for this new PC, as well as for many other electronics and accessories.