The Top 5 Financial Apps for iPad

Apple’s iPad is one of the hottest tech devices out there. Though they have only been out for a little over a year, they seem to have taken the tech world by storm. Their popularity even overwhelmed the mega company when during the first quarter of production; they shipped over three million units. They also seem to own the tablet market, with more than ninety-five percent of all tablet users owning the Apple iPad.

An iPad is nothing without the right apps. Browsing the official store will show that there are a quarter of a million apps to choose from. One particular area of internet is the financial applications. Those that can help someone save money, help cut costs on home utilities and many more often look for these apps. Here are the 5 best apps for those who need money savings help.


HomeBudget is meant to do just as the name says, help people with their household budgets. Geared for many countries, it can be used by a diverse crowd. The app required mind numbing effort to enter all the bills, but after that is done, the data is used to produce great results. Many report big savings when using this application.

Easy Books

EasyBooks for easy book keeping.
EasyBooks for easy book keeping.

This app is free and preferred by many. It’s great for those who have multiple checking or various other types of accounts. This bookkeeping app can be customized and can do as much or as little as a person wants. Its name “Easy” means that it is user friendly for all.


Everyone who is anyone uses PayPal. From those who sell on eBay those over at the Lexingtonlaw office, this app is a must. PayPal is accepted by most stores now and is a great way to pay for online purchases both personally and with a business. The app just makes it easier to do those impulse shopping trips.

iCurrency Pad

Those who travel a lot will enjoy the free currency calculator app. It supports all currency and can quickly make conversions for any situation. How many people have been taken advantage of in a foreign country because they didn’t have proper knowledge of currency? This app can be a great way to keep on top of changing rates and great for those who need to pay for items in another currency. This app is perfect for the traveler who has more questions about money than answers.

Meter Readings

Utility bills seem to always be on the increase. Want to know ways to cut utility costs without making the family sit in the dark? This app is great for those who have higher than average utility costs and need help. Most people don’t even realize how they can save money on their energy costs, until they download this app. Create graphs for the past year and see how much money is going to energy, both gas and electric.

These are just five of hundreds of applications on the market. Finding a great app that doesn’t cost anything is not hard. While some applications may be cost a bit, they are worth their cost with their ability to help a family save.