Tips for Selling Extended Warranties

A few tried, tested, and true tips directly from the CPS Sales Team, to assist you in selling the CPS Warranties!

• Training, training, training

Make sure your sales team understands the CPS program completely. People will only purchase a product from someone that they believe understands what they are trying to sell. Have they taken the time to review the new CPS Info Guide, or spoken to CPS Sales about any questions they may have? Your sales team needs to feel confident in the program, that way your customers can confidently purchase a warranty!

• Focus on the benefits

Always present a customer reasons why they would want to purchase a warranty, as opposed to defending against why a customer wouldn’t want to buy it. Most customers don’t realize that a CPS extended warranty will give them extra benefits that their original manufacturer’s plan just doesn’t offer. Stress the positives, like power surge protection, on-site service, or accidental coverage. Introduce the benefits and features into the conversation!

• Drop the hints early

The most successful salespeople will mention the available warranty options as soon as the sale begins, and weave the warranty benefits throughout the sales process. When you discuss the product and the CPS warranty simultaneously, explain how one compliments another. That way, it’s a no brainer for the end user to say yes to both!

• You gotta listen

Why is your customer purchasing a new product to begin with? Are they replacing a faulty unit? Looking to upgrade to the latest model? By actively listening and understanding your customer’s need, you can customize your pitch. Purchasing a CPS warranty will help them in the future!

• Every single person

This is probably the best piece of advice we at CPS can give. Offer the warranty options to each and every customer that walks through your door, calls your phone, or clicks on your site! Never assume that a customer isn’t interested in purchasing a warranty plan, sometimes they don’t even know it’s available. Give all of your customers the opportunity to purchase warranty coverage!

Need assistance with training? Contact CPS Sales today!