Protect Your Power Tools

From the age of 2 you’ve been known to insist, “I can do it!” Then, later as an adult, you built Ikea furniture by yourself, hung pictures to perfection, painted walls, and even created your own walk-in closet. Now with more home improvements on your to-do list, you’ve been amassing quite a collection of power tools. With a garage filled with a table saw, sanders, and drills, plus a shop cart online holding an air compressor, you are now on this site because you remember how devastated you were as toddler when your puppy ate through your plastic wrench and how as a teen setting up your dorm, your electric drill just stopped working. You want to do it right this time. Just as you keep your home, car and other treasures covered under warranty, you want your new power goodies to last a lifetime and be serviced wonderfully well if something does go wrong. Heck, maybe you’ll be that 90-year-old making your own rocking chair one day. Click here to get CPS coverage and power on!

What’s Covered?

The CPS Power Tools Protection Plan protects your purchase as a service
protection plan. Products covered:



Screw Guns


Additional Benefits

Worldwide coverage

Warranty is fully transferable if the item is sold or given as a gift