Top 10 Warranty Providers, The Results Are In!

TopTenExtended Warranty is a company comprised of 9 bright individuals who gather research, test, and write about products and companies in the world of warranties. Born out of a desire to better inform the public, TopTen is dedicated to determine who are the most reliable and best warranty companies out there. Included in the TopTen team are a president, researcher, developer, designer, copywriter and SEO specialist, plus four bloggers. 

Recently, TopTen rated Consumer Priority Service at the top of a list of 10 extended warranty companies, awarding CPS with five out of five stars!  

CPS is considered a leader and innovator in the field of service plans covering extended service, OEM solutions and accidental damage for electronics, appliances and furniture. CPS has earned the highest rating because it is a company that continually generates creative solutions; is customer-centric, and upkeeps a consistent pattern of growth. CPS is also proud of their no hassle claims process. 

CPS Sales & Operations Manager Mark Faour said,  “We aim to give our customers the ultimate service experience. This includes complete, easy, on-line control – from updating a service plan’s information to scheduling and tracking the progress of service calls or claims. We also provide access to valuable information and tools such as on-line copies of your product(s) user’s manual (as available from your product’s manufacturer), preventative maintenance tips, notification of product recalls, and much more. TopTen writes, “CPS ranks so highly because the company makes the claims processing easy for consumers. Plus, they cover nearly every product under the sun.”

One of the key elements that go into making CPS a fine and reputable company is their staff of highly trained, efficient, and friendly customer service professionals. For countless hours a week, these individuals ensure that all customers have a quick and efficient claims process. 

According to TopTen the most important feature of a great warranty company is that they’ll work for you when your product no longer does. Consumer Priority Service has proven to do just that. 

About CPS

Consumer Priority Service (CPS) is a leader and disruptive innovator in the field of service plans. The company offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all types of consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers, major appliances, power tools, lawn & garden equipment, and much more. All plans are backed by an A.M. Best Rating of “A-” (Excellent) Insurance carrier. Learn more about CPS by visiting