Twitter Officially Introduces The Mute Button For Android, iPhone And Web

Twitter has officially announced “mute,” a new feature for its Android, iPhone and web clients that lets users selectively turn off the posts of certain users they follow, without unfollowing them. Muting the users will stop their posts from showing up in your timeline, including their own posts and native retweets, and it also means you won’t get push notifications or SMS notices from them. No one knows the mute is active except for you, and it’s reversible at any time.

Muting is available from the “more” link on any individual tweet, and you can also mute someone from the gear icon of their Twitter profile page. It’s going to be rolling out starting today for everyone, and should be available to all over the next few weeks.

For those who haven’t used third-party clients, some have offered this feature before now. Tweetbot, for instance, has it in both its native web client and iOS applications, and it also features scheduling (and you can mute hashtags or keywords as well as users, too). It makes it easy to stop dealing with those annoying Twitter chat groups and events that take place, without necessarily burning your network to the ground at the same time. Hopefully Twitter follows Tweetbot’s lead on the hashtags and keywords, too.

Author: Darrel Etherington
Source: TechCrunch