How long does it take to repair my jewelry under this service plan?

If you repair your jewelry locally, the time frame would be set by the local repair shop of your choice. When you ship your jewelry to CPS for repair, most claims are resolved in 5 business days or less.

Can I buy coverage for my old jewelry?

Yes! Our warranty will cover your old jewelry, whether it is old or new we offer coverage as long as it's in good condition. Please ask our customer service representatives for details regarding coverage for older jewelry.

I just bought the jewelry protection plan, when does the coverage start?

Your jewelry warranty starts on day 31 after your jewelry was purchased. This helps protect us from fraudulent claims, ensuring we can provide the best coverage possible for you.

What type of jewelry is covered under this extended warranty?

CPS covers bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, watches and much more!

Do you cover lost and stolen jewelry?

No, the plan does not cover lost or stolen jewelry. If you would like to purchase a plan that does offer lost/stolen coverage, please contact the sales department for more information.

What happens if I need to cancel my jewelry contract?

No worries! You can cancel your contract at any time by giving us a call at 1 (800) 905-0443. We will process your cancellation and send you a pro-rated refund.

What happens if the service center cannot repair my jewelry?

If we cannot repair your jewelry, we will replace the jewelry with the same product or provide you with a check for the current market value of the item.

Where do I send my jewelry to get repaired?

CPS has 2 convenient options. You may bring your jewelry to a local repair shop or ship your jewelry to CPS for service. Option 1: Bring your jewelry to a local repair shop and submit your estimate to CPS for approval and reimbursement. Option 2: If you prefer to ship your jewelry to CPS for coverage, we will provide you with instructions. Once received, we will repair your jewelry and ship it back to you.

Does my Jewelry protection plan cover accidents?

Yes! Your CPS jewelry protection plan covers all types of accidents that occur during normal usage. Broken, bent, cracked, chipped and dented jewelry are all covered under this policy.