What does an accidental policy cover?

Accidental damage plans cover damages as a result of unintentional impact (drops of up to 6 ft)* or accidental exposure to liquid spills.  This coverage does not cover willful damage, misuse, damage due to neglect, drops over 6 feet, fire damage, full immersion in water or salt water exposure. Accidental damage plans do not cover damage caused by the use of a product in a way the manufacturer never intended. They also do not cover damage incurred by natural disasters (ie: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires…etc), or damage that is incurred by an animal or pet (ie: dog chewing).

To see more information about what is covered and not covered under our accidental policy, go here for a visual representation.
* Exclusion: Accidental drone coverage does not have a height restriction, crashes from all heights are covered.