Verizon to unveil next Droid smartphones on October 27

“Everything you expect from a phone will change,” the carrier teases in an invitation to its media event.

Verizon Wireless’ Droid smartphone franchise will soon get its moment in the spotlight.

The New Jersey-based carrier sent out invitations to a media event in Manhattan on October 27, teasing multiple Droid smartphones.

“Everything you expect from a phone will change,” the company said.

The Droid phones are just the latest flagship devices to make their debut in an increasingly crowded market. Over the past two months, the marquee products from Apple, Google and Microsoft have either been shown off or launched.

While the Droid franchise used to be the face of Android in its early days, other devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S phones and the HTC One are more notable with consumers. But there remains a loyal segment of Verizon customers who continue to buy the phones.

The Droid phones, now exclusively made by Motorola, tend to focus on long-lasting battery life and high-end specifications.

Check back with CNET on October 27 for all the details on Verizon’s latest super smartphone.

Author: Roger Cheng
Source: CNet