What Makes a Good Laptop Insurance Plan? 5 Things to Look for

What Makes a Good Laptop Insurance Plan? 5 Things to Look for

Laptop insurance is a priority for those who use their laptop on the daily. Here are 5 things to look for that will tell you if a laptop insurance plan is legit

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No matter how well you take care of your laptop, accidents still happen.

Juice might spill on your unit, the dog might trip on the charging cable, or your kids might break the screen by being too rough with it. In fact, misuse by children is the main reason laptops get damaged.

If you need an immediate repair when disaster strikes, you might want to get a laptop insurance policy. Always remember that laptops are expensive, and their warranties are finite. That means you need to get at least a laptop extended warranty to cover for your expenses.

But what makes the best laptop insurance plan? Here are five things you should consider:

1. Coverage

There are a lot of situations that can render your laptop useless. If you’re looking for good insurance plans, ask yourself what issues it will cover. A lot of warranties only cover hardware malfunctions you don’t cause like:

  • Keyboard defects
  • Monitor issues
  • Modem malfunctions
  • Infernal component problems

The warranty will cover the costs associated with part replacements and repair labors. It also mentions situations that will make it void. For example, opening your case or removing a seal can nullify the warranty.

That means you can’t peek inside your laptop no matter the reason. It also means you can’t change or add new internal components unless they break and the insurance kicks in. You must know this information before you get your insurance plan.

Do your research since this is the type of surprise you don’t want to get. It’s a waste of money, suddenly realizing that you aren’t covered since you did something you’d otherwise avoid.

2. Term

When comparing the insurance plans, you need to check its terms. Does the plan cover one year or is it possible to extend for as long as you can pay? It’s always better to get laptop protection that spans more than a year without extra costs.

When all else fails, you can always opt for a laptop extended warranty. It’s a good way to continue the original warranty term but it adds more expenses. It’s also worth noting that there are some laptop manufacturers that don’t offer this.

3. International Coverage

Do you travel a lot? It’s possible that you’re a professional that needs to travel great distances to do your work. If so, you need to check for insurance plans that mention their terms on international warranty coverage.

This type of coverage will list the components it covers depending on which countries you’ll get coverage in. If you go to a lot of different countries, you need to ensure that your insurance plan works there. Some providers will only allow you to replace certain components, like power adaptors, in certain regions.

You also need to investigate the way they repair your laptop using the international warranty coverage. When you need repairs while traveling, a good insurance plan allows you to get it no matter where you are. There are some plans that require you to go back to your home country before you can repair the laptop.

4. Repair and Service

When getting your insurance plan, your provider sets the methods of repair and other minor details. They’ll inform you whether their replacement parts will be new, used, or refurbished. With this, always remember that it’s better to get a plan that uses new replacement parts.

73% of American adults own a laptop, which means there’s a big market for used parts. You may be able to find refurbished parts for your laptop’s model and this can save you some money.

Used or refurbished parts might not last that long, wasting the money you invest in insurance. Always aim to get the maximum value for your money, even if you need to pay a little more.

5. Limits

When you’re checking for a good insurance, plans, you need to take note of the things outside its coverage. One of the most common limitations is their inability to cover for lost or damaged data. Almost all plans will make it clear that they aren’t responsible for software problems.

It’s important to check other limitations that might affect how you handle your laptop. Some of the limits might be too specific. You might not think about it, so it ends up becoming an inconvenience at some point in time.

That’s why it’s important to read the fine print. If you breeze through them, you might miss crucial details, especially with the coverage limits. Good insurance plans will make its limits clear and simple.

Do You Need Laptop Insurance?

If you tend to lose or damage your gadgets, insurance plans can make the money you pay worthwhile. This is one of the main factors you should consider when deciding. You might not need insurance if you know how to take care of your laptop.

Keeping your laptop protected decreases the chances of it breaking down. You need to remember that your costs of covering the laptop won’t increase the more you damage or lose it. That’s convenient if you can’t control your carelessness.

Laptop insurances are worth more when you have expensive gadgets. Getting a $1,000 laptop that you might lose within a year burns a big hole in your pocket. But paying an annual fee of a few hundred dollars is a cheaper alternative.

This ensures that you don’t pay for the full price of a laptop whenever you lose or damage it. If you make insurance claims for your laptop, it’s unlikely to increase your future rates.

Get Your Laptop Insurance Today!

You save a lot of money getting insurance instead of buying a new laptop from your own pocket. But it’s important to look for the insurance plans out there and look for these qualities. Check online reviews and see how the potential provider can help you.

Always look for service ratings and reliability reviews. That way, you know what to expect once you use their insurance policy to cover for your laptop. Your choice determines whether you get the most out of what you pay for.

Do you need to give an extended warranty to your laptop? You can contact us today and we’ll help you get started.