What to Do If Your Smartphone Falls in the Toilet?

Even though your higher sensibilities tell you not to bring your treasured smartphone into the bathroom (especially since it often sits next to your plate during meals,) you still do it. You take that baby everywhere! Of course you do – your cell is your portal to the outside world, holding emails, texts, Instagram, Facebook, Words With Friends, and the list goes on.

So, what to do if your phone happens to fall in the toilet before, after, or during the flush?

The first thing you should do is: GET IT FAST! The longer it’s in the water, the more likely it will ruin.

Next, turn it off. If you aren’t sure whether the phone is ready for burial or just blank because it was off before the tragedy, wake it by pressing the power button. Then, shut it off.

Remove the cover, remove the battery or microSD card, and run for towels, tissues or whatever you can find to dry your phone well.

Y’know that instinct to take out your hairdryer to blow dry your sopping phone? Well, ignore that instinct. The heat from the dryer can permanently ruin the internal components.

Ovens, ice trays, microwaves, fridge drawers are all off limits as well.

Now it is time for Carolina or Goya – long grain, short grain, basmati – white or brown, whatever. Yes, dear, we are speaking of rice. Find a bowl and add some grains that have never – unlike your phone – been in contact with water. Then bury your phone deep within this dry bath. This technique has a unique ability to whisk away moisture trapped inside your wet phone.

Now here’s the hardest part (yes, harder than sinking your hand into a toilet): Say goodbye to your phone for 3 days as it sits. As I write this, I shudder. I know…

After the sabbatical, wherein you’ve been using your tablet to make calls and the sort, go check on your little friend. Say a prayer, rub a rabbit’s foot, and then, turn it on. A blank screen means it’s time for funeral prep and a visit to the Apple store. A revived screen = good news with caution. You will have to monitor the situation to see if the components are all working well.

If we are indeed dealing with that black glassy stare – the one where your phone screen reflects your moping face and nothing more, then you must accept that you’ll be shelling out pretty pennies to fix or buy a new smartphone.

That’s when (or if you’re the responsible type – right now) you’ll get yourself some accidental phone insurance. That way, there’ll be no future running to the corner store for groceries you can’t eat, no deep dipping into funds for expensive repairs or purchases, and no living without your lifeline (phone) for too long.

Since your nerves are already fried from merely pondering this scenario, here’s a link to a warranty plan you can take anywhere! With small monthly payments and a deductible, you can rest easy in the baño and beyond without fretting about wetting and other types of mishaps.