What’s in a Game Server?

Online gaming has given dedicated gamers a new platform to play in. Where there was once gaming consoles played inside the house with a few friends, there is now a venue to challenge gamers all over the world. Different gaming servers, like HoN and MinePick Minecraft servers have opened up a whole new world for the next generation of the young and young-at-heart.

In order to experience the best online games, one needs to be able to find the best servers. These affect the quality of the game and the overall enjoyment of its participants. Choosing the right server has many aspects. In order to understand what constitutes a good gaming server, you must be familiar with its two basic types.

Centralized Servers

These types of servers make it possible for thousands of players to log on simultaneously. Because of this, a centralized server receives heavy information from each account. All this data is stored in the central server that runs 24 hours a day since gaming is a non-stop process.

Distributed Servers

data center
Solid game server data centers make for a smooth playing experience

These servers operate a little differently than centralized servers. A distributed server operates on many individual dedicated servers. There is a master server that manages the flow of messages among each one. Low-latency can be expected on these types of gaming servers.

Now that you know the server basics, here are a few requirements you need to look out for when choosing a gaming server.


Ask any gamer what their favorite part of a game is and they will most likely talk about graphics. When choosing the best server, the clarity of their graphics is a big criterion. With sub-par graphics, you’ll most likely develop eye-strain and lose the other-worldy quality of an online game. You might not be able to enjoy playing on a server that provides lousy graphics.


One obvious boon of online games is their ability to connect people all over the world. You could be living in Asia and be challenging someone from Europe. You might be playing by yourself in your room but going head-to-head with 10 different people from different nationalities. That’s the beauty of modern gaming.

With that said, you need a gaming server that can handle multiple players at one time. It should not only allow many people to play simultaneously, it should also be able to maintain speed during gameplay. A server that lags is not built to service a true online gamer.

Provided Demo

Before launching into a new game server,  you need to be able to access a demo. This will really give you hands-on experience and help you decide whether this game is for you. You’ll be able to see whether the graphics are to your liking and evaluate the speed of the game. You can also check out the level of difficulty from a free demo. Always ask for one before you make your final decision.