Where Will Apple Go Next?

Reinventing the markets it enters, is one of the ways that Apple has managed to remain competitive in the the mobile device industry. Apple has a way of adding a new yet simple flavor to its product lines. The question is, where Apple is going to go next and into what new product markets it will venture?

What is next for Apple?

The development of the first iPod Touch followed by the first model of the iPhone placed Apple at the forefront of innovation. The futuristic design of the iPhone and user friendly set up made it a must have for both young and old alike. The iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad have sported the same design with only slight changes in features, software and specifications. Though Apple products are built for entertainment and that has been Apple’s focus for years, it does have a history of developing a wide range of products.

As one of the big technological giants, there are always rumors circulating about what Apple is going to come out with next. In Apple stores, there are always an array of the latest must have technological gadgets on display for customers to get a hands on feel for. The simple design and ease of use have made Apple products a house hold brand both in the United States and internationally. Apple stores in the USA create a welcoming environment for customers. Excellent customer service and innovative products make Apple a competitive brand with a loyal customer base.

As of recently,Tim Crooks has been questioned by customers whether or not Apple intends to venture into new product markets in the coming year. Rumors have circulated that the next product market that Apple will enter will be the television product market with an Apple version of a flat screen. Apple would most definitely bring about competition to the television market, but the question of whether they will be able to do so while offering their products at competitive prices at the same time.

Could Apple Venture into Unknown Territory?

apple car industry
Apple venturing into the auto world?

With the rumors of where Apple is going to venture next, has raised questions of whether they will remain within their comfort zone or whether they should venture into unknown territory. An analyst by the name of Andan Ahmad recently suggested that Apple break into the car industry.

He stated that Apple’s ability to transform the markets that it enters would transform the auto industry and pave the way for electric cars on highways. He questioned whether or not remaining in the mobile device industry would generate enough revenue in the long term future for Apple. The question as to which markets Apple will enter remains to be seen.

The developers at Apple have always been able to bring forth new and exciting products that continue to impress customers. Regardless of the markets that they enter, they have remained loyal to their customers in developing only the highest quality products that their customers have come to expect.