2 Year Sony Xperia Z1s Protection Plan

Sony Xperia Z1s 2 year warranty

Accidental warranty seal

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Sony Xperia Z1s Warranty Coverage!

  • Covers Spills, Drops, Surges & Malfunctions
  • Unlimited Claims
  • 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor Protection
  • Fully renewable, Fully transferable
  • Full International Coverage Wherever You Are!
  • If We Can’t Fix it, We Replace It!
  • All Sony Xperia Z1 Models Covered!

Save 40% off retail! (was $149.99)

Only $89.99 for 2 Years of Coverage!

100% Risk FREE! You may cancel anytime for a prorated refund. This plan must be purchased within 30 days from original date of purchase. A $99 deductible applies to select claims. Click here for details.

A Sony Xperia Z1s Warranty is a Necessity!

If you’re walking around with a Sony Xperia Z1s or even the newer model, then you’re probably aware how important it is to keep that display screen from getting damaged. If it for any reason suffers a crack, bang or break, using your Xperia Z1s is next to impossible. This alone means that you need to protect your Xperia Z1s from accidental damage such as falls, slips, breaks, cracks…etc.

Consumer Priority Service offers Sony Xperia Z1s warranties that include full accidental coverage. This means, in the event of an accident our plan covers your Xperia Z1s. Sony Xperia Z1s phones are expensive to replace (upwards of $400+). This makes having Xperia Z1s warranty through Consumer Priority Service a basic necessity that is affordable and valuable. Having a full Xperia Z1s warranty plan gives you total peace of mind in knowing that you’re covered by the best in the business.

We recommend also buying a Sony Xperia Z1s case or phone cover in addition to our warranty protection. This will surely give you total protection for your Xperia Z1s. When shopping for Sony Xperia Z1s accessories, a warranty should be the first thing you think about. After all, the most causes of damage are due to an accidental drop, fall or spill. Protect your Xperia Z1s today!

Consumer Priority Service offers Sony Xperia Z1 warranties for all models: Z1, Z1s, Z1 Compact.