5 Great Apps for Your Doggy

These are high tech times. Even for pets. They have access to almost as much technology as humans do. That technology is designed to keep them safe and entertained. It’s also designed to keep track of the pets. Kind of like what cell phones do for humans. There are even apps to get your dog a play date and maybe even a soul mate.

In fact, pets now have their own phone app that can help to keep them strong and healthy. There are tech apps like iCam and PeToxins designed to keep track of the pets and mapmydogwalk, Pet First Aid, and Pet Minder to keep them safe.

Tagg Tracking

dog tagg gps
Tagg gives your dog’s GPS location.

There are high tech ways to meet all a dog’s need. A company called Tagg Tracking offers GPS for your dog. This can help you to know exactly where you dog is at any moment. Their tracking device can allow you to pinpoint your dog’s location on a map. It could make losing your dog a thing of the past.


For people who need more information on their dog than that, there is iCam. It’s a camera your dog wears so you can see where he is at any given moment. This can help to give pet owners the peace of mind of knowing that the Fido is safe and sound even though he running around.

Doggy Datez

dog apps
Doggy Datez makes your dog walks more social and interactive with other dog owners.

Doggy Datez on the other hand is designed to meet all your dogs need for friendship and companionship. They also offer 5 games you can play with your dog with combine enjoying their company and teaching them discipline and a variety of other important skills.

Pet Minder Pro is designed to help the human keep track of their dog’s schedule. It features reminders of when the dog needs special food or medication and even tracks their last play date. It can help you to stay on top of a young dog’s feeding and training schedule. Just what a conscientious dog owner needs.


There are apps dedicated to maintaining the health of the dog and the owner. One app that does this is PeToxins. This app is famous for its helpful presentation of the ASPCA’s list of plants, shrubs and grasses which can be harmful to pets and people.

It is an excellent resource a pet owner can use to ensure their yard does not have things that pose a direct danger to their pet. Pet First Aid on the other hand uses video and other mediums to show pet owners what to do should any harm befall their beloved pet.


MapMyDogWalk, on the other hand, lets you track the calories you and your dog burn during your daily walks, stores maps of favorite routes and lets you take and share pictures of your pooch and even pertinent information. It is designed to get both you and your dog in great shape. The only thing this not being offered is an app which shows you how you can reach a good dog bite lawyer. Wouldn’t that be the day!