Top 6 Mobile Dating Apps for Your Smartphone

It seems as though smartphones have become extensions of our hands. We use them throughout the day for making calls, texting, sending e-mails, going online, and of course using mobile applications. So it is no surprise that online dating has gone mobile. Here are some of the top six mobile apps that are used for dating.


Tinder is an application that allows members to select either “yes” or “no” after seeing an image of a potential match. If users select “yes” on one another they are able to text through the secure interface. It is particularly popular among younger dates with an average age of 23. Users enjoy the application because it takes off the pressure and encourages casual texting back and forth.

Blendr and Grindr

These two applications match users up with potential dates or hookups based upon their current location. While some people believe the app is designed solely for casual hookups, the user is able to choose whether or not to connect. Blendr is an application for heterosexual men and women while Grindr is an application for gay men only that was launched first.


OkCupid is arguably one of the most popular online sites for dating and it has very successfully gone mobile with about one million of its thirty million users logging in each and every day. Much like the traditional site, users can chat and browse profiles but the mobile application also has additional features including setting up blind dates.

How About We

how about we
Online dating sites has truly made finding love mobile

This unique app called How About We is slightly different than the traditional dating application in the sense that users post ideas for dates on the app and other users can opt in to the date. It also provides discounts and coupons for couples to events, restaurants, and more. The concept is one that is especially popular among the middle aged crowd looking for interesting things to do on dates.


Grouper is a popular application that takes the stress out of blind dates by setting users up on group dates. The user is supposed to select two friends then the application sets them up with another group of three individuals for a date. The first round of drinks is paid for with the $20 fee per person for the group that requests the date.


This is another popular site for online dating that successfully created a mobile application for its users. It offers the traditional capabilities such as browsing profiles and chatting as well as a fairly advanced system of matching users with others who want similar types of relationships and share interests. This app boasts fifty five million members who send millions of messages a day.

Finding love or a casual encounter using the internet no longer has to involve the computer. Now, more and more mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular as those who are looking for love are on the go. Specific dating scenarios with very particular interests are popping up all over the mobile internet so there is truly something for everyone.