A Consumer Priority Service Review of Adobe Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 has become a downright technological masterpiece, largely in part due to the abundance of iOS apps and services that stream into the market everyday. The latest app, Adobe Photoshop Touch is a transformed version of the revered, flagship Adobe program into an image-editing tool for the iPad 2.

The new application does a good job at revamping popular function keys to work with the iPad 2’s touchscreen including tools for working with layers, selection tools, adjustments and filters.
One difference that users will have to get used to is that the program can only be used in landscape mode and images can not be made bigger than 1600 X 1600 pixels. Nonetheless, after a small learning curve, users will be pleasantly surprised with the Touch app.

With Touch, editors can import images from a photo library, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Image Search, Facebook – as well as pictures from the iPad 2 camera’s gallery. Finished projects can be saved to your Camera Roll, shared via e-mail or social networks, or printed with AirPrint.

The user interface on Touch is a lot like its fore-running desktop edition – you’ll find import, edit, selection, and filter options on the top and menus on the upper-right, undo and redo functions can be accomplished with a single tap, and the only thing that users may have to adapt to is the misplacement of a few selection tools. Magic Wand, for example is not as accommodating as it is on the desktop. Instead, the Touch features a Scribble Selection Tool for honing in on segment of an image for tweaking with Refine Edge.

Generally, the new Touch app is a winner. It delivers touchscreen, fluid, quick and highly-sensitive performance. And considering the processor, memory, and graphics resources that the desktop version ran on, it’s quite an impressive feat for Apple to have developed such an equally resourceful product for the iPad2.

When you trick out your iPad 2 with the new Adobe Photoshop Touch, make sure to also secure it with and iPad 2 warranty.