Consumer Priority Service Reviews Two Sets of Headphones

Let’s face it: in today’s age of the celebrity endorsement, it’s no surprise that a throng of stars have recently spawned hot headphone deals. But with superstar back-up comes superstar dollars – which is why many of these endorsements speak for lofty price tags. But lucky for you, in the land of the audio accessory, there are two sets of ‘phones turning heads lately, and they promise to boost your listening experience without breaking your budget.

The CS40 iFrogz headphones are available in more than five color schemes – great for impeccable accessorizing – and while at first glance they appear like doppelgangers of every set out there, at closer look, you’ll find these ‘phones have a flair. For one, the spongy ear cups are layered with a breathable material rather than plastic – and the fabric runs flush over the cups rather than exposing the speakers. Not only does this make for a higher level of coziness, but it also prevents hair, dust and other allergens from creeping into the listening zone, making for a clearer, cleaner audio experience. That brings us to the sound factor, which is excellent and booming. Bass from this set is fulfilling, and the high end is delightfully crisp.

Turtle Beach has a decent pair of headphones out, too: the M5 edition, which are over-the-ear ‘phones. This set is actually fashioned for on-the-go gamers – they are comfy, and allow you to hear enough of what’s going on in the real world so you don’t get hit by a bus trying to escape a virtual one. While this pair is tuned to enhance the treble-ish bleeps and pings of iOS games, it’s still okay for music, too. But while guitar strums are tidy and pleasing, bass is not top-notch so if you’re a booming bass type-of-guy, seek phones elsewhere.

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