A Look at Enblink from Google

Gain wireless control over lighting and other operational devices in your home with a savvy device that works on your Google TV called the Enblink. Use the Enblink to connect your home security locks, cameras and other items to your Google TV screen. Sit in the comfort of your living room, at your bar or on your patio and control the lighting in your home. The Enblink gives you wireless control of your electronic devices. This goes way beyond television volume. This wireless programming device places television watching on a new level. For the computer wise homeowner getting up from the comfort of a chair to switch the lights off, lock the door of checking to see who’s knocking at the door is a thing of the past.

How This Works

The Enblink plugs into your televisions USB port making it easy to set up a smooth transition for your primary lighting changes. The programming only takes a few moments to put your homes, lighting, door locks and security systems in the palm of your hand. Once this happens your lighting, camera and other electronic necessities will be accessible from anywhere. The TV however, is your programming station. Place the Enblink in the USB portal, program it and your on, wireless access. Once the programming is done, anything you have placed into the Enblink is accessible from your wireless mobile device.


Enblink tv
Enblink is an intelligent way to control your home’s devices including your lighting.

Watching a movie or a favorite TV show is great when you can do it without interruption. Enblink is a perfect accessory to your home to control your home’s lighting from companies like ilite.co.uk and other lighting outlets. Adjust the lights with your favorite mobile device and keep relaxing.

No more sitting in a restaurant, spoiling your meal, wondering if you locked the door, this device lets you control average household things from your mobile device, locks, lighting, you name it. It is not required that you become a computer wizard to use the device.

The interface is not difficult to follow. The app is free but if you prefer packages are for sale. This device lets a user explore all the possibilities of what might be added to the Enblink. Control things all over the home with wireless precision. How nice it feels not to climb the stairs each time you want lights turned out.

Check your property while on vacation and enjoy a new peace of mind. This device is not only great for entertainment but overall security.

Practical Applications

Enblink is a practical device operating in conjunction with over 700 other programmable devices related to security systems and lighting controls. These gadgets, called Z waves are used by thousands of homes. This product provides IP users access to their information for security checks on home cameras without charge. This stream check works fine but for a more sophisticated view, there are stronger apps.

Getting into the world of tech is made simple by this device. Impress your friends with your knowledge of technology. The Enblink makes you look so cool. Invite your friends over for movie night and look quietly in control.