Using iPhone to Make Some Extra Cash

Online income sources can be extremely beneficial in a time when it can be important to earn a little extra cash. In many cases earning extra income can be done from your own mobile device and some are specifically geared towards iPhones. The Zappidy iPhone app is one of the best sources of easy extra income that can be earned by doing almost nothing.


When you accept and complete jobs from Zappidy, you can count on them being simple and you can count on getting paid. The simplicity is in the types of jobs one can find and getting paid is as easy as opening a PayPal account. PayPal is the preferred method of payment so if you already have a PayPal account you are ready to go.

There are companies and manufacturers that like to monitor the popularity of particular merchandise and services, and its effectiveness in real life situations. By using real individuals to give real answers to the questions that matter, a company can make any necessary changes to improve on products or services. Taking jobs that require this type of work is barely work at all. The hardest part with jobs such as these is getting them before someone else does.

Types of Zappidy Jobs

Doing online surveys for money is a popular job type and they can be done fairly quickly while paying out rather nicely. Typical surveys evaluate particular products and merchandise from certain companies. This is a very effective method used by manufacturers or service providers to improve in any areas that need improving. Simply put, there is no better way of finding out how well a product or service is really doing than to ask the consumer using it.

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Zappidy & other online surveys allow you to make some extra cash with your iPhone

Another popular job type is the photo verification jobs. When a company wants more than to know that their product is being used, they ask for individuals using the product to send in a particular number of current pictures that include the actual product being used in the home.

This photo verification is beneficial to the company involved and photos can be used by the company in real situations when needed. This job type would have to be one of the easiest job types available and as with all jobs, it pays nicely.

There are occasions when a company needs an audit of sorts to be completed. A good example of this type of audit would be for a company who sends individuals to different store locations to give out samples of a particular product.

When a company needs verification that the task is being done properly and with the exact product, they might send an individual such as a Zapiddy member out to sample the product, take a few photographs and report on the visit at the end of the day. Photos are for verification purposed only.

When a financial situation becomes difficult and extra income becomes necessary, there are simple options available that pay for little to no work whatsoever. Zapiddy is the best option available so register for an account and begin earning some extra cash with your iPhone!