Is it Time Yet? Rounding Up the Apple Products that Are Almost Here

It’s not quite Fall yet, but already the Apples are arriving in bushels – so much so that even a tech journalist like me needs to step back, regroup, and take a look at what exactly is soon to hit the shelves.

Here’s an organized roundup of what’s in store for tech junkies chomping at the bit for the forthcoming Apple products, as spoken about at the company’s recent conference:

The iPhone 5

This was of course the biggest and most anticipated announcement at the conference. Especially considering the tornado of rumors surrounding the launch of Apple’s next generation iPhone, it was a relief to learn that the new device will boast a 4-inch display, a new “Lightening” dock connector, LTE and 802.11n dual-channel 5GHz Wi-Fi and a nano-SIM slot.
…and here are your options to buy: 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299 or 64GB for $399. Pre-orders can be placed this Friday, and regular purchases can be made September 21. And get this: Apple will be selling older versions of the phone for just $99 or giving them away provided you sign up for a two-year contract.

iPod Touch

Apple has done a fine job at revamping this device to keep it on par with the latest iPhone. The new iPod Touch will don a 4-inch screen and run on a robust system on a chip. Despite the boosted power, the device will be the lightest, thinnest iPod Touch ever. Plus, you’ll be able to choose the toy in a color to suit your fancy: it will be offered in grey, red, green, blue and black.

iPod Nano

The new device actually looks a bit like a small phone. Though it’s got a bigger display (2.5 inches), it’s the thinnest iPod Nano yet at thin (38% slimmer than the previous version). Other updates include: a Home button (just like on the iPhone), an FM tuner integrated with live pause and video, a fitness pedometer, and Bluetooth. Also, the new nano comes in a bevy of different flavors: white, green, yellow, red, blue, pink, and white. Oh – and it’s got more juice, too: this nano boasts a battery life that will pump listeners up with a whopping 30 hours of tunage.


Earbuds are so five minutes ago! Not only does this new headgear sound better, but they’re more stylish, too. While the Bass is boosted however, the comfort level is pretty much the same.


As for software, iOS 6 will be hitting both the iPhone and the iPod Touch as well as a handful of new features like panoramic photos, a time-shifted GameCenter, Facebook integration and an entirely re-designed iTunes (for the desktop) program.

*CC image from Flickr