Airbridge: For Connecting Your Devices Wirelessly

There has recently been launched a new Kickstarter project called Airbridge that could very well turn many a tech-fanactic’s dream into reality.

The endeavor has the potential of having your television mirror exactly what you are seeing on you iPad without having to connect the two devices physically.

The project was launched last week by a gathering of technology gurus in Utah called Artifex Touch. As of yet, the group has raised more than $35,000, with a target of raising $500,000 in order to perfect and complete the app, create the prototype and tweak other details. Airtex has made a promise that, provided they receive the half-million dollar investment, they can complete their project in close to four months.

What exactly is it?

Airbridge is essentially an add-on with a superpower: the accessory allows users to simultaneously stream content on multiple gadget screens, provided they are on Apple devices. With Airbridge, making the “connection” is simple – just plug the dongle to your iPad, or iPhone, snap the base to the television, et voila – the two devices are connected, wirelessly. No cables, wires or configuration needed – and Airbridge can also create a Wi-Fi network, if so desired by the user. With Airbridge, the term “plug-and-play” takes on a whole new, effortless meaning.

On Airbridge’s Kickstarter page, the creators of the project state:

“We want technology to play effortlessly well with other technology…We want it to act like a silent servant – reliable, durable, and making lives easier, and in a way that’s not frustrating, unnecessarily difficult or complicated to use.”

The creators even go so far as to mention a deeper passion that drives the project:

“We want to help our local economy by creating jobs in the U.S. Airbridge will be produces in the US, and put food on faimiles’ tables. We want to be a pioneer in local economic growth by starting a movement that will help rejuvenate other nations by inspiring other innovators and entrepreneurs to step up and step out and make a like difference in their countries.”

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what can be accomplished should a device like this actually hit the shelves. From Powerpoint presentations to streaming movies and video games to super drag-and-drop capabilities, the list of can-do’s is virtually endless.
Airbridge, if funded, is promised to be offered in two verisions: Airbridge Pro and Airbridge Lite – both for iOS devices. Pro is the complete verision of the product, while Lie does not offer group broadcasting. For a complete listing of the features for both versions, click here.