Amazon’s Fire Phone Has a Multi-Perspective Display that Moves with You

After weeks and weeks of being rumored, Amazon’s finally unveiled its first smartphone: the Fire Phone. And, as expected, there are 3D-like features on board, with something the company’s calling Dynamic Perspective. Thanks to this, Amazon’s Fire Phone will be able to do a number of neat things across different apps; for example, if you’re looking at a picture, the view of it will change as you move the device around. To show off the effect, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos used a 3D aerial view of the Empire State Building, which made the iconic building look as if it were popping out of the Fire Phone’s screen. The web browser can also take advantage of the Dynamic Perspective feature, allowing you to easily scroll through pages by simply tilting the phone.

Bezos said during the presentation that getting Dynamic Perspective ready for everyday users wasn’t easy. “The key is knowing where the user’s head is at all times,” he stated, citing the need to have multiple cameras (remember those?) on the Fire Phone to make the feature work properly. In total, the device has six cameras — four of which have a 120-degree field of view and are used specifically for Dynamic Perspective, plus your usual front and rear shooters. Better yet, Amazon’s making it easy for third-party developers to make their apps friendly with this feature: “The API was easy to plug into our device. We already had it running on a ton of Android devices … If you have an Android app up and running, it doesn’t take much at all.”


Author: Edgar Alvarez
Source: Engadget