Apple Adds A New Entry-Level iMac For $1,099

Apple has a new iMac model today, an entry-level machine that brings the price of entry to the all-in-one desktop to $1,099, or $200 less than was the case just yesterday. The new version has a 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive and Intel HD Graphics 5000 on board.

Configuration options allow you to scale the drive up to either a 1TB HDD or Fusion drive, or put in 256GB of SSD flash storage, but that’s about it. For $200 more, you start off with a quad-core Intel processor, a 1TB drive and Intel Iris Pro graphics, plus the option to upgrade the RAM to 16GB in the custom configuration options.

The low-end iMac likely won’t set anyone’s world on fire in terms of performance, but it should be plenty beefy enough to handle the needs of average light computer users who want something for the home, and it gives Apple another option for education sales just ahead of the back-to-school season.


Author: Darrell Etherington
Source: TechCrunch