Apple Campus: A Futuristic Workplace


When Apple first announced its plan to build a massive headquarters in Cupertino, California, the world stopped and took notice. Termed Apple Campus 2, this four-story futuristic construction sounded straight off a sci-fi novel.

What It Is

Yet the Apple Campus is anything but a whim, and in fact promises to be the virtual centerstage for future Apple innovations. The initial construction plan released showcased a a 150-acre property site with a 2.8 million square feet spaceship-like circular building complex in the heart of Cupertino city. Built to help accommodate as many 13,000 employees, the Campus promises research facilities covering up to 300,000 square feet as well as a corporate auditorium that will seat 1000 people.

With proposed completion in 2015 the Apple Campus hopes to maximize energy efficiency by relying less on the city power grid while still offering a convenient, central meeting point for its employees. The integrated design project stands by environmental sustainability goals and takes into account social and community development concerns so that the final structure seamlessly merges into the city’s infrastructure.

Is Apple Campus Viable

With space constraints at Apple’s headquarters at One Infinite Loop, the original intent appears to be the need for a well-constructed central unit that offers employees ample workspaces and adequate facilities for innovative thinking. Yet, while the construction may have seemed sufficient at that time, the company may well outgrow its projections given that the current payroll tally stands at 12,000 staff with numbers growing. While the online media has been somewhat undecided on the practicality of such a construction, other the impact on the environment cannot be undermined.

Proposal Review

The Apple Campus proposal is currently under review by the city of Cupertino. When the original project proposal was submitted, the Cupertino City Council undertook the task of putting together an assessment plan that would take into account environmental impact in terms of noise and air quality as well as review how the construction would affect city living. In addition, the city’s Planning Commission also proposed holding public hearings and board meetings to help invite feedback in terms of how community life and future development can remain smooth and untarnished.

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