Windows 8: Microsoft Perks Up Its OS Offerings

When Microsoft first came out with its Windows 7 OS, a spate of tablet offering featuring Windows ensued, but none that could supersede iPhone’s firm foothold as numero uno. Yet with the purported release of Windows 8 around the corner, expectations are running high with the new version promising a smoother and seamless tablet-PC integration.

Scheduled to release in fall 2012, Microsoft has been hinting at a new version of the tab OS for quite sometime now. With a new beta model likely to be launched after the yearly Developers Conference, it is anticipated that the final version will be available to consumers by 2012.

Undeniably a much-awaited update to the Windows Server operating systems, this version offers a single platform that will be compatible with PCs of all dimensions. From keyboard and mouse interfaces including desktops and laptops to touchscreen tablets Windows 8 may very well be the integrative interface that has so been lacking within Windows framework. Thus the final release itself may offer multiple interfaces, one for the traditional PC models and one that is more intuitively built to help cater to touchscreens and tablets. The seamless move between interfaces likely offer the consumer enhanced choices in terms of using multiple GUIs even with the same operating system version installed.

It is little wonder that every news item following the impending release suggests that Windows 8 is sure to be a far cry from past models. From the chip level to the GUI, the pre-release of the final version may truly redefine what Windows as an OS has meant thus far.